We have Puppies!

It’s always exciting to watch the puppies grow and change,
and this litter is no different.

Our Drifter x Ruby puppies were born July 5, 2017, and will be ready to go to their new homes in early September.
There are 2 girls and 2 boys. All are wavy.

It’s exciting to watch them grow and learn new skills. I’m following the guidelines of the Puppy Culture Program, which starts with exposing them to new sensations on their third day. You can follow their journey here or on the Miraval PWDs facebook page.

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UPDATE: If you have filled out a questionnaire for this litter and haven’t heard back please send me a note.  The responses haven’t been coming through.

The pups are 4 weeks old

Ruby loves her puppies.

2-1/2 weeks old

Sunday Morning
They’ll be 3 weeks on Wednesday

That’s Grandma Cricket sticking her head in to check out the pups.

Interested in getting a puppy?

These puppies will be ready to go to their new homes the second week of September.  Before we talk I would like to get a little information about you. If you’ll answer the questions on this page I’ll get in touch with you.

In the meantime, if you don’t know much about PWDs you’ll find some resources on the About PWDs page.


Frequently Asked Questions

Portuguese Water Dogs are fun, friendly, active dogs — but they are not the dog for everyone. They are smart (you have to stay a step ahead of them) enthusiastic (not good for anyone who isn’t stable on their feet) require attention ( when I got my first one the breeder asked if I liked to go to the bathroom by myself . She said I never would again.) <Read More>


Someone in my family has allergies. We want a PWD because they are hypo-allergenic.

No dog is hypo-allergenic. PWDs have hair, not fur so they shed less than most breeds. They have less dander, which, along with the saliva, are the substances most people with allergies react to. While they don’t shed, they do create dust-bunnies. As they scratch they will loosen hair which can roll around on the floor. The also have wavy or curly coats which will pick up pollen and dust from the environment.

I want a dog for my children. I read they are great family dogs.

Having a PWD is like having a toddler — for many years. They are smart dogs, who require a lot of attention. They can be good with children, but generally an adult needs to be the primary caregiver and be responsible for training. They do need a lot of attention. They won’t do well just out in the yard by themselves. They really do want to be with people. Left by themselves they will get into trouble and become destructive.

I just want a pet. Do I have to have a show dog to get a PWD?

No. Some breeders are looking for owners who do want to have a dog that they are willing to show, but there are MANY breeders who are looking for people who will give a puppy a good home as a companion. If you do not want to show your dog, DO NOT sign a show contract. It’s not fair to you, or to the breeder to start a relationship that isn’t based on honesty.

Having an intact dog (a dog that is not spayed or neutered) is a big responsibility, and a dog must be intact to be shown. A bitch (female dog) will start coming into season for between 5 months and a year. They will generally be in season twice a year for a month at a time. During that time they are attractive to male dogs and must be kept inside or on a leash at all times. You have to be careful around other dogs, and you may find that your home becomes a magnet if you have loose or stray dogs in your neighborhood.

Male Dogs can’t get pregnant, but they can be run by their hormones. The sweetest, most obedient dog will have a personality change around a bitch in season. Another issue for the owners of intact dogs is that other intact male dogs will react to them. Even if your dog isn’t “doing anything” his presence may seem threatening to another intact dog, and cause a reaction.

I strongly recommend that intact dogs not be taken to dog parks or other off leash areas where they may run into other intact male dogs.

Miraval Portuguese Water Dogs

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