Ch Roseknoll A Crest of Sunrider


CH Roseknoll A Crest of Sunrider, AX, AXJ, WWD

PWDCA: 1997 Agility High-in-Trial, Gold Register of Merit



  • Unusually good natured, and easy going temprement
  • Silver fox (Double-ticked Parti-color)
  • Owner handled to Championship at 14 months
  • Good bone, beautiful head and rear, lovely side gate
  • 20.5″, 54 lbs
  • Active in obedience, agility, water work, tracking, carting, natural herder 
  • Died at 12.5 years of bacterial infection in his lungs. 
  • Stud service available to approved bitches. Frozen semen only.


PWd Roseknoll A Crest of Sunrider


OFA: PW-1837F31M-T, PW-EL305-T
PRA: PW-PRA1213/33M-PI
Optigen- Normal
Cerf: PW-1876/2005-122
GM-1: N95A
JDCM- 2-probable carrier
IC carrier – No